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Abstract submission

We kindly ask you to send your abstracts, prepared in accordance with the instructions below, by e-mail and not later than 05 September 2019.

Authors of abstracts are required to follow the following instructions. Abstracts should be delivered in one of official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in English language. The Congress organiser will provide translations for papers whose authors do not speak any of the official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts of the Fourth Congress of Pharmacists of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All submitted abstracts will be subject of review process.



Abstract should be written using the application form (document should be named as author's last name, MS Word), and it should be prepared according to the following instructions:

  • Font: Times New Roman

  • Size: 12

  • Line spacing: 1,15

  • Alignment: Left

Maximum number of words in the abstract is 300 (not including the abstract title, author's name and institution, funding sources, acknowledgements, references, and keywords).


Abstract should be structured and it should contain the following elements:

  • Title in all caps, bold, centre alignment

  • Authors and co-authors (first name initials, and last name)

  • Author's and co-author’s affiliation (institutions whose order is marked in Arabic numerals in superscript, after the author's last name if author's come from different institutions, stating the mailing address, city, and country)

  • Corresponding author's name, last name, and email

  • Introduction, study objectives, methods, clearly presented results, and conclusions (divided into sections)

  • Keywords separated with commas.


Abstract may contain tables, graph, and images that should be aligned with the text, in which case one should pay attention on numbering them and assigning titles to them (title of a table above the table preceded by a label Table 1.; title of a graph and image below the graph and image preceded by a label Graph 1 and Image 1)


Abbreviations should be avoided in the title. They may be used in the text if they have been defined at first use. If an abbreviation is used in English language, it should be followed by brackets containing the following text: eng. full term in the English language. Percentage symbol is used next to a numeral, while space is entered prior and following the symbols for equals, greater than, less than, or hyphen that marks a range.

If an author is quoting published data, it is required to list references at the end of the abstract. Within the text, a reference quote is marked by Arabic numerals between square brackets, e.g. [1], [2], [3]. Manner of quoting may be found in the abstract application form. It is allowed to list three references at most.

Review the abstract for typos, grammar errors, or scientific errors.

An example of a well-written abstract is available here.

All abstracts are submitted either as oral presentation or a poster, while the Scientific Committee may suggest the author to choose a form of presentation different from the one the author marked in the application form.

In the end of the abstract it is necessary to enter the section for which the paper is submitted. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to categorise the accepted papers to sections different from the one the author marked in the application form.


The Scientific Committee of the Fourth Congress of Pharmacists of Bosnia and Herzegovina will review submitted abstracts and provide a feedback on their acceptance in the form of oral presentation or poster, not later than 15 September 2019. Book of Abstracts will be published on the website of the Fourth Congress of Pharmacists of Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Maximum size of a poster is 90 x 120 cm (width x height). Recommended size is 70 x 100 cm. Detailed instructions for poster preparation are available here


Oral presentation time is 15 minutes + additional five minutes reserved for a discussion. Presentation files should be prepared in MS PowerPoint 2000/2003, 2007. Presenters are required to send presentations in their final form to the following e-mail address:, not later than 9 October 2019. Detailed instructions for the preparation of oral presentation are available here.